At Work

Juliane — Project Manager Brokerage, Berlin

“Adapt job and responsibilities to a changed life situation? Nothing is impossible!”

“In 2015, I started as a key account manager in the affiliate area. Only a couple of months later, I was responsible as a supervisor for new employees in our team. Two years later, I was given the opportunity to either take on a team leader role in the affiliate team or the Head of Sales position that resulted from the departure of our then Head of Sales. My decision was made in favor of the Head of Sales position.

But what I initially saw as a great opportunity turned out to be a challenge, as I quickly realized that I wasn’t really able to identify with this position. I was also privately committed to my training as a personal trainer and knew that I would have to change something in order to combine both jobs. When I told my leaders that I wanted to step down from the Head of Sales position, I was relieved at how openly they dealt with the situation. Together we were able to find a way to pay more attention to my new part-time job and to focus on the tasks I feel comfortable within finanzen.