At Work

Emmanuel — Graphic Designer, Paris

“I’m glad that we can give each other such open feedback here and that I can take on the tasks that suit me.”

“I joined finanzen in 2017 after my studies in Digital Interface Design for a web design apprenticeship and became a permanent member of the French team after a six-month traineeship. Due to my previous experience in the music business, it took me a while to familiarize myself with the lead business. But my biggest challenge was the IT activities I was involved in, such as the integration of widgets, pixels, and backend activities. My colleagues noticed that I couldn’t identify with these tasks, so we agreed that I would focus on creative projects.

I’m glad that we can give each other such open feedback here, and I’m financially supported in taking on the tasks that suit me. Be it Responsive Design, Motion Design, or the design for content projects: Now I can give my creativity free reign and am proud of the fact that I have been able to develop my design know-how so intensively over the past two years.”