finanzen.de AG takes over ComfortPlan GmbH to strengthen its ability to sell insurances online

finanzen.de AG, provider of the leading online-marketplaces for finance and insurance leads in Europe, is announcing its take-over of ComfortPlan GmbH by the beginning of 2017. The integration of the successful online insurance broker into the group is the next consistent step of Finanzen.de’s German- and Europe-wide expansion.

Dr Mathias Tötzke, member of the managing board and Chief Financial Officer of Finanzen.de, will additionally become managing director of ComfortPlan GmbH from now on. ComfortPlan developed into one of the most successful German online insurance brokers since its establishment in May 2000. The previous managing director Frank Kalthoff will provide advice in the future when it comes to corporate decisions.

“Besides our core business – to broker premium consulting for complex insurance, finance and preventative products – we already offer price comparisons for products that need less consultation like liability and household insurances.” says Dr Mathias Tötzke, CFO of Finanzen.de and new managing director of ComfortPlan. “By connecting Finanzen.de with ComfortPlan, we are strengthening our ability to sell insurances online and profit from synergies with our core business.”

“Finanzen.de is the right partner to scale the previous success of the company”, explains Frank Kalthoff of ComfortPlan. “The long-time experience and the comprehensive know-how of the German market leader for leads will leverage ComfortPlan to a bigger reach and a high-quality consulting for its users.”

After entering the markets in France, Switzerland and Great Britain, the take-over and integration of ComfortPlan is a further important step of Finanzen.de’s aim to build a European lead market place. The InsurTech connects customers who inform themselves online about insurances , preventive and finance products, with competent agents and brokers – in Germany already since 2004. For non-life insurances that need less consultation, the company offers detailed price-performance-comparison and online purchase.