Finanzen.de AG announces majority participation in Swiss lead platforms

After the successful start in France the Finanzen.de AG enters the Swiss market with a majority participation in 2media GmbH and toconnect GmbH. With the roll-out of its business model to Switzerland the German lead provider continues its announced internationalization strategy.

German lead provider expands to Switzerland

With its market place for insurance and financial leads, Finanzen.de AG is expanding to Switzerland. By a majority participation in 2media GmbH and toconnect GmbH the German lead supplier is already opening up the second neighboring country within a year. The acquired Swiss companies have been operating the leadplattforms leadtool.ch and kundenakquise.ch since 2008. With more than 150,000 traded leads per year, they are excellently positioned on the Swiss market.

High synergy effects and growth potential

Due to the similar business models of Finanzen.de AG and the Swiss companies all stakeholders expect high synergy potentials. “2media GmbH and toconnect GmbH have developed very successfully in recent years and continue to promise enormous growth potential”, says Dirk Prössel, CEO of Finanzen.de AG. “We’re convinced that we can support our new Swiss colleagues in many ways.” Michael Fischer, Managing Director of 2media GmbH and toconnect GmbH, confirms: “Finanzen.de AG constantly sets new standards in Germany. We see a strong strategic fit and want to share our next growth step with the German market leader.”

German start-up becomes European lead market place

Last year, Finanzen.de AG started its innovative lead market place in France. The company based in Berlin was founded in 2004 in a student residence and has established itself as the leading German online marketplace for insurance and finance products. Since 2013 the French private equity fund BlackFin Capital Partners supports Finanzen.de’s international roll-out strategy in Europe. More than 250,000 leads are annually traded via the company’s proprietary and industry leading platform.