Our Mission

Together with our network of experts and our innovative technologies, we ensure that our customers are optimally insured with the least possible effort and make informed financial decisions – so they can have more time to enjoy the good things in life.

We connect online with offline

Our company is more than Europe’s largest lead marketplace: First and foremost, we concentrate on offering our customers the best possible service from the application to the advice and beyond. At the same time, we focus on making their contact with financial and insurance products as pleasant and personal as possible. Our motto is “Research online, purchase offline”: We combine the online generated leads with unique and individual offline advice.

The three cornerstones of our company

  • Always close to our customers

    When it comes to insurance and finance, everyone should have easy access to advice from an expert. We want to be where our clients are to pick them up from the very beginning. Therefore online marketing and lead management are working hand in hand. With innovative marketing approaches and a wide range of marketing channels, we reach 50,000 users per month and help them to find an individual solution.

  • A network of internal and external experts

    In addition to expanding our large network of insurance experts, who are an essential part of our service, we will become experts ourselves in the future. Therefore, we rely on our internal advisors, who respond individually to the personal concerns and questions of our customers and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Innovative technology

    The constant development of our technologies is the foundation of doing good work for our customers. Through innovative and agile methods, our developers ensure that we increase the usability, ease of use, and quality of our websites as well as our comparison calculators at all times.

What’s a lead?

Generating and delivering leads is part of our daily business and forms the core of our business model. But what exactly is a lead?

Leads are new customers who are interested in consulting. We connect them with one of our experts or advise them ourselves. A lead is generated when a person fills out an online form with their data, confirms it, and sends it off in order to get, for example, a consultation, contact inquiry, or newsletter registration.

We do this using our advanced calculators, which can be found on over 50 of our websites and more than 7,000 cooperating online media partners. This way, we generated more than 1,2 million customers in 2019.

How we work

  • Lead Generation

    Today, everything happens via the push of a button. Anyone looking for the right insurance, pension, or financial product usually uses a smartphone or computer. We meet customers’ needs already during their research for the right product by offering them an overview of different insurance rates with the help of our comparison calculator.

  • Lead Validation

    Once we’ve received a new lead, it is checked and validated by using our complex evaluation system. It is essential to us that we only work with qualified leads. This means that if a lead does not pass our extensive automatic checks, it will also undergo our manual quality check before being delivered to one of our experts. This ensures that we continuously improve the quality of our leads.

  • Lead Distribution

    The aim is to find the right consultant for our potential new customers quickly. To ensure we don’t waste any time, we rely on the so-called real-time brokerage for the distribution of leads. Our consultants thus have two options, to acquire new customer data:

    1. They can find the right lead in our “lead exchange pool” – via computer or app
    2. They develop unique lead campaigns with us and thus regularly make contact with new customers

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